Feeling the One Drop is a 11-piece reggae fusion group based in Toronto, Ontario. Their mixture of reggae, funk, hip hop, and pop influences delivered by soulful singers, backing bass, drums, guitar, percussion, keys and horns provides explosive reggae fusion rhythms.

The band was formed when band leader and drummer Mr. Ozmosis was approached by the founder of Canadian Reggae World, Julion King, to provide a reggae band for his weekly Lion Den reggae show at the Cage. “I got this beautiful venue and no one to play in it”, said Julion. “We got plantain, rice and peas, and jerk chicken being cooked up in the kitchen. We can reggaefy this place once a week we just need the live music to make it happen”.

After seeing the venue and talking with Julion, Mr. Ozmosis contacted guitar player Johnny Dread, his bandmate from his old reggae band. Papa Jembe was also brought on board. Together the co-founders developed some of the bands first original tracks, during their first few practices.

Striving to create something different, the newly formed One Drop band aimed to surround themselves with talented musicians and vocalists that would represent a diverse international sound. A worldly sound that would grow into a representation of all people regardless of race, creed, or colour. A sound that would showcase universal love and respect. A sound that adopted a message that would resonant across all people including Canadians, Americans, Asians, Europeans, Latins, Africans, Australians and Caribbeans. The type of sound that Bob Marley described best “One Love, One Heart, Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright”.

After only a week of being together, the band found themselves at the June 16th, 2014 Reggae Tribute Toronto concert for musician Raffa Dean, who had recently died of cancer. On the program for the night included some of Canada’s best reggae artists including King Ujah, Papa Levi, I Sax, Friendliness, and Christopher Charles & the Chronicles.

Feeling the One Drop found themselves with the perfect opportunity to introduce themselves to the reggae community, but were without a bass player to do it with.

“We got to get on this stage,” said Johnny Dread, “I found this guy outside walking down the street with a bass, and I’m trying to teach him two tracks right now in the stairwell”. After Johnny Dread and Mr. Ozmosis watched carefully as he stared clueless at his bass, trying to figure out how to put some notes together, they quickly realized that this bass player was just a guy that liked being seen with a bass, but had no idea on how to actually play it. “I’ve got too many strings on this 5 string bass guitar to play this reggae music guys, it’s too hard. If I had a four string bass it would be better, said the bass player” Eventually he gave up trying the learn the tunes, throwing in the white towel after 5 minutes of trying, and disappeared into the moon light, never to be seen again. Mr. Ozmosis and Johnny Dread stood their bewildered.

The Feeling the One Drop band was back at square one, without a bass player. Luckily for One Drop, they found Raffa Dean’s old bandmate and bass player, 5 minutes before going on stage for the first time together. He didn’t care if his bass had 4 strings or 5. He didn’t care if he didn’t even know what songs One Drop was going to play until they started playing them. He probably could of done the whole thing with one string on his bass and still make it sound good. At the end of the day he crushed the show and the Feeling the One Drop band was introduced to the Toronto music scene for the first time.

Feeling the One Drop has now performed across various venues in Toronto and is currently working on their debut EP.


Bob Marley, Dawn Penn, Marcia Griffins, Amy Winehouse, Denis Brown, Judy Mowatt, Lauryn Hill, Peter Tosh, Gregory Isaacs, Rita Marley, Beres Hammond, Sanchez, Shaggy, Tarrus Riley, Tony Rebel, Motown, and Phyllis Dillon

Footage from One Drop’s First Night on Stage: